Stretch and Press

Stretch and Press is a combination of the stretching techniques and Thai herbal compress; this treatment helps to increase muscle flexibility, release chronic muscle pain, muscle tension and tightness in the body.


Stretching technique is ideal to stretch the connective tissue/non-contractile elements since it makes use of the viscoelastic properties to cause elongation of the tissue. Furthermore, it makes use of autogenic inhibition to trigger a relaxation in the muscle. The stretching technique performs in the opposite direction of muscle contraction or spasm; this would gradually release the spasm area, increase blood circulation, resume arrangement of the muscle fibers pattern and decrease the pain and stiffness.


Thai Herbal Compress makes use from heat modality to apply locally to the pain and stiffness area, not only the heat from herbal compress which help to relax the muscle by increase local circulatory but also Thai Herbal ingredients such as plai, lemongrass would help to stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscle inflammation.


The Stretch and Press is suitable for chronic tension, stiffness and pain from repetitive injury and of course office syndrome.


Massage tip:
For Thai Herbal Compress technique:


- Always test temperature of herbal ball with the therapist’s inner arm before start the treatment
– Adjust the rhythm of herbal compression due to the heat of herbal ball; increase rhythm when start the treatment and gradually decrease rhythm when reaching the problem area



For stretching technique:


- Ensure that stretching position is direct to the problem area
– Hold each stretching position for 15 second and repeat 3-4 times/set

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