Stone Massage

This unique therapy using stones which is an extremely effective modality. The stones hold the heat for a long time and release it slowly. They have energy and healing properties to raises energy level, enhance creativity, bring stability and cleanses negativity.


Stone Massage using deep penetrating heat to bring out chemical release within the body’s system combine with specialize massage techniques that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.


Aim to release the chronic tension, stiffness and muscle pain over problem areas from repetitive injury and sedentary lifestyle.


Massage tip:
Use stone to release shoulder blade muscle


• Keep client’s hand behind back
• Pick a hand-sized or pointer stone slide and do thumb kneading around scapula
• Focus on the notch and repeat a couple of times


Stress and headache relieve


• Turn client’s head to the side
• Use thumb of finger gently knead on the base of skull
• Repeat kneading technique by using a small stone
• Acupressure on “Wind Pool” below the base of skull, about one inch out from the middle of the neck. Firmly hold or massage both points for at least a minute