Relaxing Breathing Exercise

Breathing is active meditation and the most powerful healing technique which you can practice anytime. The next time you feel anxious or stressed out, try this effective breathing exercise to gain control of your emotions and calm yourself down.

Breathing is important process that supplies bodies and vital organs with oxygen and allows the brain to work and also excrete toxic substances that we have created.

If our way of breathing is short and quick our minds will be nervous and agitated.

Breathing Exercises:

Let’s start with a simple breathing exercise that can be done at the morning or before go to bed, at least for a couple of minutes:

1. Lying on back, interlock your hand support the neck and straight both leg. Take normal breathe few times.

BE 1

2. Move your upper body to the side (don’t move your hip and leg) until you feel stretch on the ribs. Take few breathe and feel the air is gentle stretch your ribs. If you feel release you can go further more.

BE 2