Pressure points for digestive

Nowadays, many people suffer not only from the muscles tension all over the body but also digestive problem such as constipation, bloating, diarrhoea etc. There have many various causes why digestive problem occurs in people, most of it causes from sedentary lifestyle associate with unhealthy food intake behaviour; lack of fibres, too much oily food.  

Digestive problem could be solved by adjusting own behaviour; more fibres in each meal, chewing properly before swallow, increase more physical activities. Abdominal massage is the alternative way to rebalance and stimulate intestinal function for good digestion and enhance food absorption. But if do not have enough time to receive massage, reference to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you could try to press this 5 acupressure points on face at home to stimulate your digestive system. Hold each point 10 seconds and do it every day in the morning and evening to revitalize your own body function. 

Pressure Point:

For eliminating toxin from the colon:

Use fingertip press on outer corner of the eyes – below the lower lids.


For stimulating the kidneys and removing toxin and acidity:

Use fingertip press on inner corner of the eyes – below the lower lids.


For stimulating bowel movements (colon):

Use fingertip press on center of cheek bone.


For aids digestive problems especially related to the stomach:

Use fingertip press on tip of nose.


For healthy bowel movements and relieving constipation:

Use fingertip press on center of chin.