Facial Treatments


To understand the function of organs and structures in the body, relating to the body work of Anatomy and Physiology as a basic knowledge to training in additional treatments (60 hours)

Manual Face Lifting & Firming

The Manual Face Lifting & Firming massage is an exclusive treatment which aims to exercising and contouring the main face muscles. It helps rejuvenating those sagging muscles resulting in facial firmness and boosting up the blood circulation of the whole face. This is the combination of the Oriental Pressure Points massage; the European Face massage and most importantly the “Face Muscles Rejuvenation techniques”(60 hours)


Professional full facial treatments promote the health of the face, neck and shoulders, creating a refreshed, cleansed, healed, hydrated, strengthened and nourished looking skin in addition to improving skin tone and firmness throughout (120 hours)


Baht 68,000