Skin Tips For Winter

For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks. They also bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face and body. For some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry results in flaking, and cracking.

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Cellulite and tips to reduce

Cellulite is simply a term that describes the appearance of bumpy looking fat on the body. It is a condition of bulging fat cells and other coexisting factors that result in the appearance of cellulite. This dimpling is irregular and patchy and has been identified with orange peel. Moreover, the fa

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Pressure points for digestive

Nowadays, many people suffer not only from the muscles tension all over the body but also digestive problem such as constipation, bloating, diarrhoea etc. There have many various causes why digestive problem occurs in people, most of it causes from sedentary lifestyle associate with unhealthy food intake behaviour; lack of fibres, too m

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Stretch and Press

Stretch and Press is a combination of the stretching techniques and Thai herbal compress; this treatment helps to increase muscle flexibility, release chronic muscle pain, muscle tension and tightness in the body.


Stretching technique is ideal to stretch the connective tissue/non-contractile ele

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Stone Massage

This unique therapy using stones which is an extremely effective modality. The stones hold the heat for a long time and release it slowly. They have energy and healing properties to raises energy level, enhance creativity, bring stability and cleanses negativity.


Stone Massage using deep penetra

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Relaxing Breathing Exercise

Breathing is active meditation and the most powerful healing technique which you can practice anytime. The next time you feel anxious or stressed out, try this effective breathing exercise to gain control of your emotions and calm yourself down.

Breathing is important process that supplies bodies and vital organs with oxygen and allows the brain to work and also excrete toxic substa

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Healthy breakfast: QUINOA

Quinoa, known among the Incas as the” mother of all grains”, quinoa (like some of the other ancient grain such as amaranth and barley) is rapidly growing in popularity because of its wide array of health benefits. Quinoa is natural gluten free. It contains enormous vitamins and mineral with high fiber content. Quinoa is one of plant food which is considered to be complete protein. As it is com

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DIY: Coffee and Coconut Oil Body Scrub

For coffee lovers, do you know that there are other benefits of coffee besides waking you up? Well, the caffeine in the coffee is also useful for the skin. In many spas, coffee body scrub is offered as this treatment helps to awaken, refresh the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
If you like to scrub with the coffee, we have a homemade scrub for you.

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Use Sweet Orange Essential Oil to Rid Fluid Retention

Many women suffer body swelling from hormonal imbalance during their menstrual period. Hormonal imbalance causes the body keep too much fluid. Lack of enough water intake also causes toxins build up in the body, and consumption of too much salty food makes the body try to store more water to get rid of excessive sodium.These factors affect the retention of fluid in the body.

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