Medium of Instruction

Courses are conducted either in Thai or English. Written examinations likewise will be provided either in Thai or English. Preferred medium of instruction must be specified upon registration.

Mode of Instruction

Classes are organised in sizes conducive to optimum learning. The academy ensures that everyone receives the same amount of attention from the instructors. After the lecture, instructors demonstrate and guide students through a step-by-step and gradual method of learning. Hands-on practical classes are highly supervised to ensure that everyone understands and completes procedures accurately. Students are required to practice among themselves during practical sessions.


A comprehensive final examination is administered towards the end of each diploma course, unless otherwise informed. A final examination covers a written examination to evaluate the theoretical knowledge of the students and a practical examination for demonstration of hands-on skills.
A separate examination to qualify for a CIBTAC qualification is scheduled as coordinated by the academy with the CIBTAC International Examination Board. Students registered for this specific examination will be advised in advance on the examination schedule. CIBTAC examinations take place worldwide and can be taken in home country if preferred.


Each student who completes a course receives an Appraisal Form, which explains the student’s weaknesses,strengths,skills passed and grade, including recommendations from the instructors.