About Chiva-Som Academy

Chiva-Som International Academy is geared towards quality education both in theory and practice in all courses of studies offered in its facility. It aims to produce highly trained therapists not only endowed with knowledge and skills but also the attentiveness and enthusiasm to render services to the clients wholeheartedly and effectively. It seeks to produce graduates enriched with the excellence and professionalism Chiva-Som International Health Resorts is known for and to continually embody its commitment in enhancing the mind, body and spirit in all its endeavors.


Having established its roots in health and wellness since 1991, Chiva-Som International Health Resorts is acutely aware that the long-term success of this business increasingly depends on qualified individuals who can deliver treatments with substance. The academy is therefore founded as an answer to the escalating demand to create a standard training facility dedicated to the human resource needs of this industry. Internationally accredited, its major challenge is to become a leading edge health and wellness educational institute, serving any facility and individual aspiring for outstanding training and education in this exciting and ever-growing industry.